Target agreement systems


Target agreements have been established as an important element of the leadership process. They specify the strategy of the organisation on the one hand and establish divisional, departmental and staff-related agreements on change and optimisation processes on the other hand.

These processes work when the target philosophy and the system are supported by all leaders and the target agreement discussions are conducted in a professional manner.

Meaningful work with personal responsibility requires a clear agreement on qualitative and quantitative goals. The binding nature of these goals is to be clarified in discussions and the preconditions established for objectively and openly discussing the degree to which goals have been achieved in future.



Control targets:

  • I can completely achieve them with my current resources and skills

Responsibility targets:

  • I cannot fully control their implementation, but they are part of my functional role

Targets of further interest:

  • Targets that are useful, although I cannot control their implementation and they do not directly form part of my functional role

Procedure "from target to implementation"

Good target formulations create the preconditions for successful action, as the phrasing allows people to identify with the target and thus motivates them.


Building blocks

  • Workshop on "strategy implementation by target agreement"
  • Clarification of targets, tasks and projects
  • Clarification of the elements of the target agreement system
  • Training to "make and implement target agreements"
  • Training in "effectively conducting target agreement discussions"
  • Workshop on "target-orientated compensation systems"