Team development


The effective and inspiring work of the team is an important aspect of a high-performance company culture. Positive thinking and open and constructive attitudes are the basis for successful team and project work.

However, whether and how the team members cooperate depends on compromises, clarifications and consistent framework conditions. The goal of team development is to support these clarifications in a systematic manner and to structure the framework conditions together in the spirit of continuous improvement.

The goal is to gain an overview, to approach one another and to intensify communication. Persons and organisational units with "closed doors" should again be included in contact and discussions.

Personal differences should be regarded as positive options, keeping opportunities in mind, so that liveliness, openness and creativity are reinforced.

Potentially critical situations

  • Fragmentation
  • Trench warfare
  • Dull turbidity, negativism
  • Intrigues, lack of respect
  • Conflict-prone internal customer/supplier relationships
  • Communities of believers", "sects"
  • Elitist principalities

Concept: From team building via teamwork to the elite team


The procedure: Team orientation instead of team ideology

Team ideology creates unfulfillable expectations and assures frustration.

Leadership goals in the area of responsibility

Team orientation

  • Self-responsibility within defined areas of responsibility

Team ideology

  • Everyone has to be involved in everything
  • Everyone has all the information
  • Everyone knows everything
  • The opinion of the supervisor is nevertheless enforced

Leadership goals in the personal area

Team orientation

  • Skill development
  • Feedback of personal tendencies
  • Promote momentum
  • Sich eingeordnet fühlen im Team

Team ideology

  • We all like each other
  • No one is allowed to hurt the other

Management method

Team orientation

  • Goal-oriented Leadership in the team
  • Emphasis on common and individual successes

Team ideology

  • Prolonged promises
  • Manipulative "we"
  • Covert repression
  • Cleavage: "If you've got that far then you can decide for yourself."