Top management coaching


At the top management level, productive cooperation, the constructive handling of conflicts and the effective contribution of one's own person with one's ideas and visions are of particular importance.

Conflicts and different personalities can be very productive and enriching, but relationships can also be very stressful. Consequently, the possibilities of exchanging ideas, addressing problems or questioning oneself become significantly lower at the upper levels of management.

On the other hand, however, there is often a much stronger desire among people at management level to face change processes.

Feedback and reflection then lead to a new understanding of complex and difficult situations. Options and possible courses of action, from which one's own person and the environment benefit, can thus be shown.

Executive coaching therefore often unlocks crucial personal and organisational potential. It supports the clarification of strategic personal goals and makes it possible to recognise one's own behaviour patterns and to consciously shape one's own approach.

It is especially ambitious executives who typically make use of the coaching possibilities.

We have

  • Many years of experience in top management consulting
  • Experience in the initiation and realization of change processes
  • In-depth experience in industry, banking / insurance and top public administration organizations
  • We see ourselves as a sparring partner and impulse generator

Specific focuses

  • Leadership coaching
  • Strategy coaching
  • Transition coaching
  • Performance coaching