Vision and strategy development

Starting point

It is essential for the development of a company to look "beyond the here-and-now" and to implement effective innovations - in products, in technology, in processes and in the corporate culture.

An important starting point is a situational assessment: Where do we stand? What should our future path look like?

The key task of the executive is therefore to specifically envision and design the desired organisational development.

This is intended to extend the existing "framework", create new spaces and develop various ideas into a clear vision of the future. A single vision that can generate desire, enthusiasm and strong emotional impulses.

A single mission makes it clear what we stand for and how we want to be seen.

Strategy involves decisions about the alignment of our forces, how they are to be bundled and focused. The strategy therefore includes commitment and sets priorities. Settling on a strategy ensures that activities take place in a coordinated manner.

A mission statement clarifies the basic values that determine operations. This clarification ensures a common understanding of the leadership principles.



Strategy implementation

Strategy implementation is based on systematic specifications across the various levels.