Project management

Starting point

The importance of project implementation has strongly increased due to the accelerated change process. There is no company that does not optimise its own project management.

However, it is surprising how many projects do not provide the desired results: postponed deadlines, higher costs and quality problems. It frequently happens that the wrong projects are initiated and the projects are not professionally handled.

According to an investigation of successful and failed software projects in the USA by the Standish Group, 31% of projects fail, 53% of projects are above the initial budget and only 16% are completed on time and on budget.

An investigation by Munich Technical University showed that approximately 30% of the total costs of a company are generated by project work - but that only one in eight projects adds value.

The reasons:

  • Interaction between the organisation's units does not work
  • Selection and qualification of the project managers: junior employees instead of professionals
  • Composition of the team: time or "politics" instead of competence
  • Order and target: "sheer madness" instead of realistic principles
  • Implementation: taboos about problems instead of talking straight


Successful implementation of project work therefore strongly depends on whether there is a joint understanding of project management, to what extent the procedures are standardised and the skills of the project managers.

The goal is to:

  • ensure a joint understanding of the project,
  • establish lean, efficient and functional procedures,
  • find suitable project managers,
  • effectively structure conflict management,
  • convey practically relevant knowledge for handling typical project situations.

The workshops:

  • Workshop on "guidelines for project management"
  • Team workshop on "project management and project work"
  • Moderation and conflict solution for project leaders
  • "Personality and project success"