Personal coaching


A coaching measure is individually designed, personal training intended to achieve important and effective developments within a short time.

Changes in the approach to tasks, a new, open way of handling people and conflicts and the activation of personal talents make it possible to achieve a significant increase in personal competence.

During personal consulting, we initiate specific developments based on comprehensive analysis and joint clarification.

We do not perform "brainwashing" and indoctrination, but focus on dialogue and confrontation.

We provide impetus and assist individuals and thus the company with further development.



Starting points

  • A major career step, a new job, a new task, a new challenge.
  • A starting phase in which new responsibilities are taken on.
  • A generation change, when the "steering wheel" is handed over.
  • A conflict situation that binds forces and resources.
  • An orientation situation in which opportunities and risks are to be analysed in order to achieve a clear decision and way ahead.
  • If there is feedback that raises questions.
  • If a reorientation of the strategy based on restructuring, mergers or acquisitions requires personal repositioning.


  • Coming to terms with yourself and a situation.
  • Identifying and developing your own strengths.
  • Honing your personal profile, improving your own image.
  • Removing points of attack, conflict triggers and "red buttons".
  • Optimising your personal energy management.
  • Identifying potential and talent.

Development topics

Goal clarification

  • Requirements of your professional situation
  • Strategy clarification
  • Implementation of sub-goals
  • Motivation and identification with your goals

Clarification of interests and needs

  • Aspects of your personal "lifelong dream"
  • The basic emotional situation
  • Contradictions and conflicts
  • Happiness and satisfaction
  • Flow and drive

Handling yourself

  • Basic personal orientation in difficult situations
  • Analysis and optimisation of behavioural patterns
  • Balance between various aspects of life
  • Improvement in psychosomatic integration

Handling others

  • Clarifying your basic attitude towards others
  • Feedback on behaviour
  • Communication and cooperation patterns
  • Closeness and distance
  • Structuring and openness

Handling conflicts

  • Analysis of conflict structures
  • Development of effective strategies for conflict solution
  • Optimising personal handling of stress situations
  • Solving inner conflicts