Personality counts - in management, sales and in consulting. It is therefore important to identify a person's inherent potential and to bring it to bear in a focused manner by "profiling".

Your needs

  • Do you want to identify your personal skills?
  • Do you want to extend your personal abilities in a focused manner?
  • Do you want to reorientate while substantial changes are being made?

Our offer

During individual consulting, we initiate specific developments based on comprehensive analysis and joint clarification. We provide impetus and assist individuals and thus the company with further development.

Self, self-image, foreign image

Selbst, Selbstbild, Fremdbild

1) Myseld: How I am really
2) Self-Image: How I Believe I Am - How I see myself
3) Foreign image: As others see me

I = privacy
The area in which I am in harmony with myself, but I do not share it with others.

II = Facade, roll
I'm not like that, but I think I'm like that. Other people fall for this "self-expression".

III = "blind spot" / "wound spot"
That's the way I am, but I can not perceive that part of myself, it's hidden from me. Others, however, can see this area. If they are hostile to me, they can hit me at this vulnerable point. On the other hand, there are also capabilities in this area: the abilities and talents that are available but have not yet been recognized by me.

IV = Substance:
That's me, that's how I see myself, and that's how others see me.
Here I seem real, open and authentic

Possibilities of personality development


Personal development can be initiated through five basic methods.

On one hand, meditation methods can bring a stronger self-knowledge or complacency. Through meditation, the disturbing influence of the mind, which in general creates "rationalizations" at attempts to gain self-knowledge is reduced.

The second method is to get further in my self-knowledge through feedback from others who describe their impression of me and my behavior. Feedback helps to see things that are otherwise in the area of the "blind spot".

The third method is based on taking on new roles and tasks in order to realize potential.

The fourth method is based on setting oneself personal goals that help in this claim to develop the self.

The fifth method "Profiling" makes sure that I give enough signals to other people, who give them the opportunity to perceive me correctly.