Account Planing & Management


The goal is to ensure the implementation of strategic planning in realistic sales planning and consistently apply the Account Planning & Management method.

The aim is:

  • Identify potential with major customers.
  • To professionalize the understanding and processing of major customers.
  • To complete the planning round with account reviews.

At the same time, the responsible executives should focus on analyzing the potential of each customer in a targeted manner at one place, at a table and at the same time, and plan measures to optimize the customer relationship and to realize the sales targets.

This planning should be systematically translated into KPIs.

In particular, it is important to understand the customer's strategy well, to be accepted as a strategic sparring partner in the planning of the customer and thus to be able to shape the customer's strategy.

The procedure

  • Field analysis
  • Preparation and follow-up of the workshops
  • Execution of the workshops
  • Control group