Process management



Increased and ever more complex customer requirements as well as increasingly difficult and very dynamic competitive situations require a critical examination of the essential business processes.

The aim is to develop innovative concepts for perfectly structuring internal procedures. The speed and reliability of the process are the key variables. Synchronisation, transparency and simplicity constitute the process visions.

In addition to the design of these processes, the associated changes of attitude among staff, their understanding of the new skills required and their synchronisation will play an important role.

Staff who are interested in change strive for quality and are orientated towards creating value: these are the key factors for the process vision when it comes to human potential.

Individual topics

  • Establishment of a method for ongoing optimisation of the core processes, recognition of weak points and opportunities in the company processes, minimisation of "muda" and the efficient use of company resources
  • Reducing and optimising interfaces
  • Establishing a "toolbox" for continuous improvement
  • Ongoing improvement of processes: synchronisation
  • Further development and refinement of process management towards a "learning company"


  • Procedure for overall concept
  • Workshop on "process optimisation"
  • Creation and establishment of a decision-making committee
  • Training of the moderators
  • Coaching of the moderators with feedback
  • Monitoring the results
  • Instruments for stabilising the new processes